What to Look For With Employee and Contractor Payroll Partner

  1. Online (paperless) onboarding
  2. Ability to automate payroll for employees and contractors
  3. Customizable payroll that can fit your company’s needs
  4. Ability to set different wages and roles
  5. Ability to track time online
  6. Ability to keep up with state-specific laws (especially if you have workers in more than one state)
  7. Customizable reports
  8. Benefits administration
  9. Compliance (taxes, overtime, payroll, labor laws, and more)
  10. Ability to integrate with your company’s existing systems

Is an Employee and Contractor Payroll Partner Right For You?

A payroll partner is best for businesses that want to automate payroll and/or outsource some HR responsibilities. PayReel is a full-service payroll and benefits platform and is customizable to individual businesses’ needs. If you’re interested in hearing about a customized solution for your situation, contact our team!