Intuitive Integration

Our SaaS application is formatted uniquely for each client’s specific needs and integrates with your existing systems. It intuitively connects your people to critical information, forms, and reports.

Data Management

PayReel OnLine stores, monitors, and processes all data to eliminate workflow bottlenecks. It manages and expedites all online payroll services from onboarding paperwork to time card submission and approval to tracking of paid sick leave hours.

Uniquely Customizable

PayReel OnLine’s customizable platform is able to fulfill client needs for the lifetime of the relationship. Our approach means a seamless implementation of our systems with yours and continual integrations to meet your requirements.

Go Mobile

PayReel OnLine’s contractor payroll mobile application empowers your workforce with on-the-go access for seamless, 24-hour reliability. Whatever, whenever, wherever– PayReel OnLine has you covered.

PayReel OnLine: Distinctive Features and Benefits

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System and Reporting Customization

Every client’s PayReel OnLine experience is unique. We custom fit the platform to meet the specialized needs of each client’s unique hiring environment. Our team of developers works with each of our customers to guarantee a seamless implementation and continually builds integrations with clients’ existing and evolving systems and requirements, helping them work with contractors more easily. Included in PayReel OnLine are custom analyses and standard reporting including Affordable Care Act (ACA) tracking, hours worked, paid sick leave, and employee work history.

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Always Reliable, Always Accurate

Our proprietary software monitors changing rules and regulations of all onboarding, compliance, and payroll and contractor pay requirements on the federal, state, and local levels. PayReel’s Sick Leave Accrual Management (SLAM) and payroll guideline systems run in the background at all times, constantly analyzing data to keep everyone aligned with applicable laws. PayReel OnLine knows and follows the rules so you can safely hire and work with contractors.

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Keep Track of Everything in One Place

PayReel OnLine stores all data in one centralized location, making it easy to simultaneously manage multiple projects. No more manual tracking and coordinating the paperwork and details of every job. You can quickly access timecards, hours worked, expense reports, vendor invoices, and approvals for all of your projects within one streamlined system.

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When and Where You Need It

The flexible, cloud-based software platform allows your employees, managers, and contractors to access and process the information they need. At the office, on location, or on the go, PayReel’s easy-to-use mobile interface is always available to you and your team.

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Entirely Secure, All the Time

Cybersecurity plays a key role in keeping our partners safe. PayReel OnLine maintains a completely secure platform to house important hiring information. The cloud-based, closed network system uses redundant firewall clusters to safely store and protect all of your critical data. We follow a HIPAA-based data security policy as part of our best practices to protect our clients.

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