Payroll is one of the most seriously regulated aspects of business

Your payroll solution should be just as serious

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Security and Risk Mitigation Best Practices

Taking strong security and insurance measures helps mitigate risk. Vendors to large corporations must be held accountable to any client security program that helps to protect the company from threats. PayReel has installed, and pays close attention to, strict security measures and the demands of our client security environments.

PayReel maintains:

  • Expanded insurance policy packages necessary to manage various risks involved in working with contingent workers
  • HIPAA-based technology and operational security to protect your company’s and your workers’ information at the highest level
  • The ability to adapt to client security requirements and processes
  • Ongoing system testing to detect vulnerabilities, unauthorized access or malicious activity
  • Closed network and storage that maintains and protects data integrity
  • Employee management and awareness of employers’ physical goods such as laptops and key cards to limit unnecessary access to company information by contractors
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Diverse Coverage Options to Meet Your Unique Needs

Only best-in-class payroll providers create the coverage profile with policy levels necessary to meet the needs of large corporations. A payroll partner’s insurance structure is crucial to the success of a contingent workplace.

As Employer of Record, PayReel’s policies include:

  • Workers’ Compensation
  • EPL
  • General Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Cyber and Drone Insurance
  • Auto, Foreign and more

Addressing insurance and security concerns up front saves headaches and time later.

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