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What to Look For in a Video Production Payroll Service

What to Look For in a Video Production Payroll Service

What to Look For in a Video Production Payroll Service 2560 1707 Alicia East

A good payroll service is effective with even the most intricate, multifaceted, heavily-regulated industries around. Video production is up there with the toughest industries (it’s called a production for a reason)! Media managers oversee an incredible about of details for multiple teams of independent contractors and freelancers and, when their productions get big enough, it can be a huge relief to outsource some of the most tedious aspects of their work to partners who specialize in those aspects. Enter a video production payroll service that specializes in breaking the relentless cycle of onboarding, chasing signatures, coordinating invoices, verifying timekeeping and researching the ever-changing Department of Labor compliance guidelines. 

What to Look For in a Video Production Payroll Partner

Effortless Onboarding

One of the most tedious and high-stakes aspects of engaging independent contractors is the up front paperwork. There are endless ts to cross and is to dot. Add the ever-changing compliance requirements from the Department of Labor and it’s enough to justify serious attention to the subject. But productions require serious attention in so many other areas so a partner that can simplify onboarding can make seriously better for media production teams. A payroll service that you can confidently outsource all of onboarding clerical work to will be one that is proactively addressing all the compliance issues related to engaging video crews and/or production teams.

Online Timekeeping And Painless Payroll

Video productions are a world of their own! It’s not uncommon for one contractor to fulfill multiple roles with different pay rates. Tracking the rules around overtime, special holiday rates, and making sure team members get the breaks they are entitled to by law can be overwhelming. An online service that keeps track of those details is a game changer. Look for one that also allows workers to input their information and supervisors to approve everything in one place. In a world with so many complex details, automation is key. The best payroll service allows media managers and supervisors to stop chasing people for paperwork, invoices, and time sheets while minimizing hiring costs and optimizing production efficiency. 

The Bottom Line

If a service that automates and streamlines everything from the hiring process to payroll, PayReel’s digital platform is where it’s at. It is the perfect resource for your specific production needs. Find out how we can help you make your next production your smoothest yet.