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Our Effortless OUTSOURCED Contractor PayROLL

By offering a trusted Employer of Record service, PayReel takes control of your contractor administration, so you can safely and efficiently onboard and pay every freelancer with consistency, accuracy, and compliance. Tap into the power of our end-to-end solution to streamline your contractor hiring process and improve productivity. Our technology and steadfast commitment to world-class customer service make PayReel your all-inclusive contractor payroll outsourcing resource.

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On-Time, Paperless Payroll and Independent Contractor Payment

PayReel offers compliant business payroll services that meet wage and hour regulations in all 50 states. Our weekly, accurate payment capabilities, coupled with our proprietary online platform delivers a full employment experience to your contingent workforce and keeps everyone happy.

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PayReel OnLine

PayReel OnLine delivers automated onboarding, time entry, payroll, and reporting. Our adaptable system has an intuitive user interface and integrates with your existing technologies for expedited results and payroll compliance. PayReel OnLine complements our top-notch customer support, instead of replacing it.

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Our in-house specialists quickly and accurately classify your workers to determine either independent contractor or employee status. We leverage an AI-based platform to enhance our classification accuracy and efficiency, ensuring your business remains compliant with state, federal, and tax authorities worker classification guidelines. This platform aids in vetting the worker, evaluating the risk, and streamlining the entire classification process. We constantly monitor wage and hour requirements as well as sick leave legislation in the USA and Canada. Most importantly, the PayReel team is always available to help whenever you need us.

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Risk Mitigation

We believe that best-in-class secure payroll solutions are a business necessity. Our HIPAA-based technology and operational security protects our clients’ data and processes. PayReel works with Fortune 500 companies; we are highly vetted, ensuring our security and operational systems are robust. PayReel’s insurance services also play a key role in mitigating risk for our clients. We offer expanded policy levels in response to corporations’ needs to safely cover all contractors. Our extensive experience means we deftly navigate the regulatory environment and excel in fast-paced, high-commitment work environments.

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BundlePay provides optimal payment flexibility with all of your vendors. PayReel promptly pays all of your independent contractors and service vendors to keep your project moving forward.


PayReel OnLine: Your 24-Hour Payroll Outsourcing Partner

PayReel Online, our closed network cloud-based software platform, offers our clients around-the-clock, digital access to a comprehensive range of payroll outsourcing tools and data. PayReel Online centralizes real-time data capture for instant access to what you need, when you need it. Hiring contractors has truly never been easier with our independent contractor pay solutions.


  • Onboarding documentation management
  • Compliance with client policies for background checks, drug screens, NDAs, etc.
  • Online timesheet and invoice submission, expense reporting and approval
  • Payroll and independent contractor payment processing and distribution
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • State required reporting
  • Custom reporting
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Intuitive Digital Solutions Enhanced by Personalized Customer Service

PayReel delivers cost-effective, fully compliant independent contractor pay administration solutions. As an experienced Employer of Record, we anticipate needs and solve problems from behind the scenes so you can stay in front of your business. We approach every partnership with fresh eyes and enthusiasm to deliver a customized payroll outsourcing model that:

  • Eliminates workflow bottlenecks. Say goodbye to time-consuming hiring red tape forever. You hire who you want, when you want – we take the care of the rest.
  • Puts information at your fingertips. PayReel provides direct access to invoices, timecards and reports allowing you to easily manage multiple budgets, projects and teams.
  • Assimilates with existing client technology.
    Our adaptable system safely integrates with platforms and processes for seamless efficiency.
  • Provides a tailored experience with the highest level of client relations and care. Payroll outsourcing to meet your specific needs.
  • Guarantees our clients’ compliance with federal, state and local regulations regarding employer obligations.PayReel’s unwavering legislative and payroll compliance continually keeps our clients safe from an IRS audit.
  • Mitigates clients’ risk and maintains comprehensive insurance policy packages that ensure optimized protection at all times.
  • Prioritizes system security. Our innovative security policies safeguard critical data for continuous partner support and protection.