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Maximize Temp Worker Success: The KEY Strategy for Recruiters & Staffing Agencies

Maximize Temp Worker Success: The KEY Strategy for Recruiters & Staffing Agencies 2560 1707 Alicia East

Engaging temporary workers is a nuanced process under the best of circumstances. Juggling state-by-state and federal compliance with the regular burden of onboarding temp workers is one of the many reasons agencies traditionally focused on direct hires stay out of temp staffing. When temporary or contract workers are brought on for last-minute projects, those challenges are tenfold due to the time constraints, the amount of up-front work required to bring those workers on, and the fact that requirements vary from state to state. This post explores how engaging support from an Employer of Record (EOR) can help overcome these challenges and get workers onboarded and on the job quickly.

Understanding the Challenges

1. Completing Onboarding for Last-Minute Projects
One of the significant challenges staffing agencies face is the need to onboard temporary workers for projects that come up at the last minute. Without a previously-established system to handle these situations, the crunch time can lead to oversights and mistakes.

2. The Amount of Up-Front, Administrative Work Required
Engaging temporary workers involves a substantial amount of administrative work even before they start their assignments. This can include paperwork for employment, background checks, and more. For staffing agencies, it’s crucial to get this right, especially when dealing with large numbers of temp workers. The administrative burden can be overwhelming, diverting resources from other critical areas of operation and potentially leading to delays or errors in the onboarding process.

3. Varying Requirements from State to State
The United States’ decentralized approach to employment legislation means that onboarding and compliance requirements can vary significantly from one state to another. This presents a complex challenge for staffing agencies, especially those operating across multiple states. Agencies must navigate a maze of differing state laws regarding wages, overtime, breaks, termination, and more. This not only complicates the onboarding process but also increases the risk of non-compliance, which can lead to legal complications and financial penalties. Staying updated with each state’s requirements demands constant vigilance and adaptability, adding another layer of complexity to the onboarding of temporary workers.

4. Barrier to Entry to Temp Staffing
Even though temp staffing can deliver more advantageous profit margins, the barrier to entry can be large for a company that doesn’t already have the systems in place to address the challenges.

Engaging an Employer of Record

An EOR can play a significant role in overcoming the challenges of engaging temp workers. An EOR is a third-party organization that takes on the formal responsibilities of employment, such as payroll, taxes, and compliance with local labor laws. Here’s how an EOR overcomes the challenges associated with engaging temp workers:

1. Handling Compliance and Administrative Details
By handling the complexities of employment legislation, an EOR ensures that temp workers are onboarded in compliance with local laws, removing this burden from the company. This is especially helpful because requirements vary state to state.

2. Access to a Larger Talent Pool
For companies looking to hire temp workers from different locations, an EOR can facilitate the smooth onboarding of these workers in compliance with local laws (in PayReel’s case, that includes the U.S. and Canada!), widening the talent pool.

3. Streamlined Processes
EORs offer streamlined onboarding processes and best practices. This can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of bringing temp workers onboard.
Instantly Opens up a New Revenue Stream: An EOR is a partner that fills the void and breaks down the barriers to entry by enabling a more cost effective strategy for agencies looking to start or grow their temp staffing programs. For example, as an EOR with these systems established, PayReel enables agencies to add a turnkey temp staffing program / revenue stream overnight without any additional investment on the agency’s part. For those already doing temp staffing, it’s a more cost effective solution that also addresses the compliance concerns.

The Bottom Line

Onboarding temp workers has unique challenges. Engaging an EOR (like PayReel) can enhance this process by addressing these challenges, including compliance concerns, access to a larger talent pool, efficient onboarding practices, and reducing the barriers to entry. A thoughtful approach to engaging temp workers can significantly contribute to their success and, by extension, the achievement of company goals.

Here’s What to Think About if You’re Expanding Your Business (And Therefore, Your Payroll)

Here’s What to Think About if You’re Expanding Your Business (And Therefore, Your Payroll) 2560 1707 Alicia East

If you’re planning to expand your business, one of your top priorities should be making sure you’re in position to classify and pay employees and independent contractors properly. This is especially important if you’re looking to hire people in any state without any red tape. Today, we’ll talk about what it takes to run payroll and when it’s helpful to engage a partner.

Doing Payroll Right

Since payroll is always a complex, high-stakes business, it’s worth investing anything required on the front end to make sure you do it right. Whether you train an in-house team or engage a partner, they need to be in position to classify correctly, stay on top of laws as they change, identify and respond to the different tax requirements, and have a system in place that allows the process to be simple, accurate, and fast. This helps you avoid future fines and legal battles.

Doing it right means doing the following:

  1. Learning local employment laws. This includes identifying regulations regarding working hours, holidays, sick pay, insurance, and more and having a (preferably automated) system in place to follow those rules.
  2. Onboarding workers. This includes collecting information such as name and date of birth as well as tax forms, background checks, benefit status, and work eligibility.
  3. Storing and securing data. Since you’re dealing people’s personally identifiable information (PII), you MUST have a way to secure that highly-sensitive data. The fines for mishandling data are serious, so you should be equally serious.
  4. Authorizing payments and ensuring your employees get paid accurately.  This includes identifying the appropriate deductions/taxes, keeping accurate records, paying on time in every location, sending out notifications, reporting as required to government institutions, etc.
  5. Having a system in place to identify and adjust to changes. You don’t always have time to wait weeks to adjust to new laws. Things evolve rapidly, so your system needs to be ready to evolve just as rapidly.
  6. Staying compliant. Laws are different from place to place and do change frequently, so your payroll management software solution should have systems in place to ensure  compliance wherever you operate.

Would Outsourcing Payroll Benefit Your Business?

Outsourcing payroll is especially valuable in certain situations. If a company needs to hire employees in multiple states, is growing rapidly, and/or needs to hire temporary workers frequently, engaging an Employer of Record (EOR) could be a game changer. An EOR mitigates compliance risks, increases payroll efficiency, and eases the administrative burdens of managing a workforce.

The Bottom Line

Payroll is one of the most complex and challenging aspects of operating a business and should be given appropriate attention by every business. When a company is growing, payroll is one of the most important aspects of business to have in good working order. The right people on your in-house team or the right partner are essential. If you think a partner would be beneficial to your business, reach out! Relax: We got it.

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The Closest Thing to an Easy Button For Contingent Workforce Management

The Closest Thing to an Easy Button For Contingent Workforce Management 800 534 Alicia East

Ask anyone who manages a contingent workforce and the answer will be swift: an easy button to make it simple, convenient, and organized would be worth an awful. Any system or company that handles contractor payroll should include certain features (like online timecards, approvals, benefits-tracking, and more) to get as close to an easy button as possible.

Features of Headache-Free Contingent Workforce Management

Online Everything

Paper-free paperwork. It’s enough to make even the busiest folks sleep well at night. Being able to do everything from engaging/onboarding a worker to receiving timecards and submitting approvals online just makes sense.

Custom Reporting

Custom reports can serve to increase productivity or provide valuable insight into what is working well as well as where there’s room for improvement. It’s one feature that can make a huge difference in the way a system/payroll partner meets a company’s needs.

Consolidated Invoicing

When you have a bunch of invoices to pay to multiple vendors, it can get a little complicated. The vendors might be contractors themselves or the vendors that provide the contractors. Being able to bundle all invoices (according to the job, event, or in whatever way makes the most sense) and pay them as a single invoice can be a game changer for budget tracking and just plain simplicity. Having a payroll partner that offers this option can be invaluable, especially for companies managing many events or projects.

Ability to Manage Multiple Projects at Once

Speaking of multiple projects, being able to manage all of your events or productions at one time and in one place is a huge benefit. When you’re handling a multiple budgets and staff members, being able to do it all in one place is more than just convenient. An online system where you can just log in and see all of the projects you’re working on simplifies something that has the potential to be incredibly complicated. For one thing, it means you can skip some of the impeccable record-keeping previously required to manage the paperwork on concurrent projects. Online systems that allow you to pick any project/event and quickly identify the people working on them, the time cards that have been submitted, what has been approved and what still needs approvals, all broken out according to project and billing code is a huge time saver.

The Bottom Line

We know managing a contingent workforce can be challenging, but we’ve been working to make it as easy as it can be. If anything you see above might make your life better, contact us and tell us about your situation. You just might be able to hang up and say, “That was easy!” Seriously. This is our jam.

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The Hidden Benefit to Paying Contractors in 30 Days

The Hidden Benefit to Paying Contractors in 30 Days 800 534 Alicia East

Internal processes, red tape, and backlogged accounting departments make it hard to get checks in the mail. We definitely understand. Even when a practice is common among other companies, a slow corporate freelance payment policy might prevent you from working with the best people.

Paying Contractors On Time Is Good For Companies

We know that keeping workers happy can be a pain the arse. Still, like many things, a different perspective makes all the difference. Top contractors get booked quickly. When you pay contractors quickly, they’re more likely to answer your calls and ramp up your projects in a short amount of time. For busy department heads with big projects and short turnaround times, there’s nothing better than diving right in with tried and true creative partners. Saving time, money, and hassle by working with people who just get what you’re looking for is priceless.  Paying later than your competition can get you blacklisted or moved to the bottom of a contractor’s long to do list. The true pain is having to go through the entire process of finding someone who is a good fit and bringing them up to speed just because your tried and true contractors have prioritized other companies.

If the benefits to you aren’t enough, think about it from the workers’ perspective. Freelancers single-handedly juggle creative work, billing, marketing, and more. That means the person who sees your invoice in their red column is often the same one you’re expecting to bring their all to your next project. What seems like an insignificant to a big company can have a major effect on a small business’ cash flow.

Don’t Be a Hoarder

Just because many large companies have made it a practice to hoard cash and squeeze small businesses to increase their own bottom lines doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. Not only does it add pressure to those you work with, it’s just not ethical. You may justify it by saying it’s not as bad as the latest headline maker’s illegal and greedy ways, but shady practices of any degree have no place in your business.

The Bottom Line

Paying contractors quickly is worth the investment. If it’s not feasible to transform your internal process, get a partner involved. You get the peace of mind of knowing you’ll always be in good standing with contractors. It pays to hire someone with systems in place.

Hiring contractors is a beautiful thing: It gives you a fresh perspective and talent without having to bring on full-time team members. Just make sure you do it right. Going from Net 90 to Net Now will save you time, keep you in good standing with contractors, and ensure you can feel good about the way you do business. Rather than trying to save Benjamins up front, take Benjamin Franklin’s advice and “Wrong none by doing injuries, or omitting the benefits that are your duty.”

Burning Money - Payreel

The Road to IRS Hell is Paved With Preventable Mistakes

The Road to IRS Hell is Paved With Preventable Mistakes 2560 1707 Alicia East

A case involving embezzlement, tax liability, and good intentions added up to a nightmare for one man. Dr. Robert McClendon’s story proves there’s no amount of caution too intense when it comes to payroll tax liability.

IRS Mistakes Cost Big (Even When They’re Not Your Fault)

In a sobering case reported in Forbes, a man who loaned $100,000 to a struggling business was fined $4.3 million for said company’s payroll tax liability. When you dig into the details, it’s not as unfair as it may seem at first blush, but that doesn’t make the situation any less painful for Dr. McClendon—the defendant and a legally-deemed responsible party. As the Forbes article states, “You can be ‘willful’ under the tax law even if you didn’t have a bad motive or evil intent.”

So what was the kiss of death for Dr. McClendon?

Responsible & Willful: A Mismatch of Million-Dollar Proportions

Dr. McClendon owned the business to which he loaned the money and the cash went toward the seemingly noble goal of paying employees to prevent shuttering the doors altogether. While it was an employee who’d embezzled the funds earmarked for payroll taxes, the case against Dr. McClendon was strong enough to prove him responsible and willful. He wasn’t responsible for the embezzlement but he was responsible for choosing to pay employees instead of the payroll taxes, which by that time, he knew about. The case against Dr. McClendon withstood the legal tests and left the doc to nurse his own wounds. Ouch.

How to Protect Yourself

Either learn the rules of payroll taxes and precisely follow them or hire a qualified company to do it for you. One benefit to hiring a payroll service is that hiring a payroll service takes the burden of having to understand all of the rules off of company leadership.  The payroll service takes on the liability and frees up the small business to focus on business.

The Bottom Line

There are too many ways to get in trouble with the IRS to choose ignorance. With fines and possible jail time on the line, legitimate small businesses must take payroll taxes seriously. The government sure does.


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Want to Hire an Employer of Record (EOR)? What You Need to Know.

Want to Hire an Employer of Record (EOR)? What You Need to Know. 9000 6000 Alicia East

Compliance is hard, time-consuming, high-stakes work. Many companies are finding that keeping on top of the ins and outs with an in-house team gets harder as laws change (and then change again). Whether you hire a payroll service or build a team to do the job, you want to be sure they’re fully in position to protect you and your company. 

Here’s what to look for when you think it might be time to hire an employer of record

They Diffuse Legal Landmines 

Contractor/freelancer payment and compliance regulations are ever-changing. Hedging your bets on the legal front means:

  • Mitigating compliance risks
  • Making sure you are compliant
  • Educating yourself on practices that could compromise you
  • Tracking benefits eligibility
  • Tracking changes in minimum wage and sick leave policies in each state you operate
  • Answering questions, including whether or not you can pay once a month or fill timesheets out ahead of time. Hint: you can’t.

Quick And Accurate Payment

Beyond compliance, services with the following features make payroll a breeze. 

  • Online management for employees and managers  
  • Fast payment
  • Overtime tracking
  • Education on overtime policies so employees don’t make a habit of working overtime without getting prior approval
  • Benefits eligibility

They’re Ready For Changes

The most effective teams have someone who researches changes as they happen and takes the necessary steps. They read forums like a boss and stay up to date on payroll regulations. Navigating the increasingly complicated waters of payroll services means making sure you’re following all regulations, rules, and federal and state laws. 

The bottom line

Labor laws and fair pay standard practices are in a constant state of change. The gig economy and the worker classification challenges it brings to the forefront are top-of-mind topics for the government, employers, and employees alike. Pick someone who can stay ahead of the curve so you never even have to think about payroll services and compliance. Life and work is chaotic enough.

PayReel makes compliance and payroll the easiest part of your day with a full range of services. We make sure our clients are able to hire who they want, when they want and see that everyone is paid properly. Contact us anytime at 303-526-4900 and meet the PayReel team here!

payreel payroll services - PayReel

5 ways PayReel Online makes your life easier

5 ways PayReel Online makes your life easier 6000 4000 Heidi McLean

We think working with us should be easy as all that pie we’ll all be eating next week–but without the need for stretchy pants. That’s why our system is as secure as it is convenient. At PayReel, we pride ourselves on having that perfect mix of convenient automation and personal service from real, live humans. What does that mean for you?


PayReel Online benefits that make your life easy peasy:

  1. Updating personal info is a breeze: You can change your physical address in your PayReel Online account. You can also change your email address, update your W4, or change your direct deposit information by contacting PayReel via email or phone.
  2. Real, live humans answer your call: If you’re like us, you’ve forgotten that the tiny computer attached to your wrist at all times actually functions as a phone. If you ever get stuck online or simply want to chat with one of our Customer Experience Managers, we’re ready. Go ahead, try us at 303-526-4900. Meet the whole team here.
  3. On the go and paper free: There’s no need to find a printer or an ink pen. You don’t even have to email your supervisor for approval. Simply input your time sheets before you leave the job and your manager will approve your time sheets online. Because no one ever says, “If only I had one more piece of paper on my desk.” You can do everything while you’re still on the job.
  4. Get paid quickly: Okay, okay, this one probably should’ve been first, right? Since everything is online and approvals happen with a simple click of a button, you get paid the Friday after your time sheets are approved.


Anything else?

Of course. At PayReel, we minimize the time and effort it takes to get you ready for your project, make sure you get paid quick and easy, and have customer experience managers available to answer your questions. All you have to do is call 303-526-4900 or email us. The PayReel team makes payroll easier, faster, and seamless.

The next time you work an event or a production, tell your supervisor you love working with the PayReel team!



woman with globe - PayReel

Meet the team: Crystal Somers, The Ambassador

Meet the team: Crystal Somers, The Ambassador 7203 4807 Heidi McLean

While our online payroll systems make our clients’ and employees’ lives easier, there’s simply no replacement for the real live people behind the scenes. We are proud to have a stellar team, including Crystal Somers, our Client Experience Manager (also known as The Ambassador). If you haven’t already experienced Crystal’s stellar customer service yourself, you may end up wanting to call just to get to know her more.


Tell me more about Crystal (aka the Ambassador)

When Crystal isn’t keeping track of everything in her busy life from minimum wage changes to 6 siblings in different states, our Florida girl enjoys spending time with her fur baby, Vito. Crystal’s strong customer service skills come from life. She says dealing with a big family helped her learn how to handle different personalities, age levels, and backgrounds. That serves her well at PayReel, both with the internal team and with those in the field. In the office, we love Crystal because she’s always willing to help, whether it be with her team’s events, or with taking group walks to keep everyone healthy! Employees love her because she is super responsive to their needs and helpful when questions arise.

We’ll keep profiling the team in upcoming posts so stay tuned!


The bottom line

PayReel’s real team of real people is here for you. We provide personal service and work hard to make sure clients enjoy easy onboarding and and employees get paid quickly and accurately. Go ahead, give us a shot!  You can call us anytime at 303.526.4900 or reach us by email at  We look forward to hearing from you.


About PayReel

At PayReel, we minimize the time and effort it takes to get you ready for your project, make sure you get paid quick and easy, and have customer service agents on call around the clock to answer your questions. The PayReel team makes event and corporate payroll easier, faster, and seamless.

The next time you work an event or a production, tell your supervisor you love working with the PayReel team!



contract work payreel misclassification - Payreel

Misclassification in the news: What you need to know

Misclassification in the news: What you need to know 3000 2000 Heidi McLean

While the workforce has plenty of people legitimately doing contract work, when employees are misclassified as contractors, the worker and the government are both likely to miss out. The government loses potential tax dollars and workers lose out on benefits and more. Employers should care about it, too (and not just because the legal stakes are high). It’s about more than the bottom line.

Below are some recent headlines about the evolving workforce and its related consequences:


Misclassification in the news: The headlines

North Carolina Governor Signs Law Creating Division to Investigate and Prosecute Employee Misclassification Claims

Highlight: While the federal government has had employee misclassification in its sights for a while, states are now getting in on the game to add heat to errant companies.

March 2017 Independent Contractor Misclassification and Compliance News Update

Highlight: extensively covers recent and current misclassification lawsuits.

New Case Shows That “Uber-ization” of Workforce Could Lead to Misclassification Challenge Highlight: discusses the challenge of determining what an independent contractor is when gray areas in the gig-like aspects of their work exist.

Gig economy creates legal puzzles for the courts

Highlight: discusses what we know about the interests of all parties as well as possible reforms (including the possibility of adding a third worker definition). 


Enter PayReel

The way we work and manage businesses are both evolving as contract work increases with the gig economy. With that comes growing pains and litigation. Worker classification is an increasingly sticky subject (Gorilla Glue status, perhaps?) and one we’ve covered extensively (see more posts on the subject here).

If the topic of misclassification makes you sweat, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help. Partners who make your life easier are worth the investment. A payroll service may be right for those who don’t have the bandwidth or interest in digging into the legalese. PayReel manages payroll taxes and, as the employer of record, takes on all risk associated with a variable workforce. Think you might benefit from hiring a payroll service? Here’s a handy guide to find out more.

About PayReel

Producing multimedia content and executing live events is chaotic. When it comes to event payroll, payroll taxes, and so much more, PayReel makes your life easier. We make sure our clients are able to hire who they want, when they want and see that everyone is paid properly. Leave all payroll services and details up to the PayReel team so you can focus on pulling off a flawless production. Contact us anytime at 303-526-4900 or email us.

Relax. We got it.


Michelle event payroll payreel

Meet the team: Michelle Bowersox, Operations Team Leader

Meet the team: Michelle Bowersox, Operations Team Leader 800 552 Heidi McLean

At PayReel, we keep things running smoothly with one of the easiest-to-use online payroll systems around. But it’s important to us that technology serves as a complement to the human touch, not the other way around. Somewhere behind all your on-time paychecks are the real people we are proud to have on our team. One of those is Michelle Bowersox, our Payroll Team Leader (also known as The Problem Solver).


Tell me more about Michelle

You can find Michelle spending time in the beautiful Rocky Mountains in the summer, buying salt water taffy for her PayReel team, or rooting on her Denver Broncos during football season. A true Colorado native, Michelle also enjoys learning more about her state’s history and spending time with her husband of 25 years and her daughter Cassie. Along with playing Mama Bear to the CCPR team, Michelle also plays Mama to three fur babies—Glitter, JD, and Dakota. In the CCPR house, we love Michelle because she cares about the employees as if they were her own family.

We’ll keep profiling the team in upcoming posts so stay tuned!


The bottom line

The team at PayReel is a true team of real people and we’re here for you. We provide personal service and work hard to make sure clients enjoy easy onboarding and and employees get paid quickly and accurately. Go ahead, give us a shot!  You can call us anytime at 303.526.4900 or reach us by email at  We look forward to hearing from you.


About PayReel

At PayReel, we minimize the time and effort it takes to get you ready for your project, make sure you get paid quick and easy, and have customer service agents on call around the clock to answer your questions. The PayReel team makes event and corporate payroll easier, faster, and seamless.

The next time you work an event or a production, tell your supervisor you love working with the PayReel team!