Meet the team: Michelle Bowersox, Operations Team Leader

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Meet the team: Michelle Bowersox, Operations Team Leader

Meet the team: Michelle Bowersox, Operations Team Leader 800 552 Alicia East

At PayReel, we keep things running smoothly with one of the easiest-to-use online payroll systems around. But it’s important to us that technology serves as a complement to the human touch, not the other way around. Somewhere behind all your on-time paychecks are the real people we are proud to have on our team. One of those is Michelle Bowersox, our Payroll Team Leader (also known as The Problem Solver).


Tell me more about Michelle

You can find Michelle spending time in the beautiful Rocky Mountains in the summer, buying salt water taffy for her PayReel team, or rooting on her Denver Broncos during football season. A true Colorado native, Michelle also enjoys learning more about her state’s history and spending time with her husband of 25 years and her daughter Cassie. Along with playing Mama Bear to the CCPR team, Michelle also plays Mama to three fur babies—Glitter, JD, and Dakota. In the CCPR house, we love Michelle because she cares about the employees as if they were her own family.

We’ll keep profiling the team in upcoming posts so stay tuned!


The bottom line

The team at PayReel is a true team of real people and we’re here for you. We provide personal service and work hard to make sure clients enjoy easy onboarding and and employees get paid quickly and accurately. Go ahead, give us a shot!  You can call us anytime at 303.526.4900 or reach us by email at  We look forward to hearing from you.


About PayReel

At PayReel, we minimize the time and effort it takes to get you ready for your project, make sure you get paid quick and easy, and have customer service agents on call around the clock to answer your questions. The PayReel team makes event and corporate payroll easier, faster, and seamless.

The next time you work an event or a production, tell your supervisor you love working with the PayReel team!