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Hurricane Harvey: How to get support plus unique ways to give it

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Hurricane Harvey: How to get support plus unique ways to give it

Hurricane Harvey: How to get support plus unique ways to give it 400 300 Heidi McLean

Hurricane Harvey has left much of America’s fourth largest city underwater. We’ve seen photos of harrowing rescues, and of submerged homes, buildings, and highways. We’ve heard reports of the months of cleanup and billions of dollars in recovery efforts ahead for Houston. Like so many, we at PayReel have been wondering what we can do.

The following resources provide ideas for those personally affected and those who want to support:


I’ve been affected. Now what?

The Texas Tribune offers information on shelters, flooded streets, and more here. Once you’re out of immediate danger, a simple way to set your friends’ and families’ minds at ease efficiently is by marking “I’m safe” through Facebook’s Safety Check.  You may also be wondering what’s next or trying to sort through a deluge of information and possible rumors. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides a reliable Hurricane Harvey resource page for everything from safety tips and emergency phone numbers to rumor control.

Know your rights: Hurricane Harvey evacuees and/or first responders may be eligible for worker’s compensation or payroll relief.

As always, stay informed and ask questions.


I want to support relief efforts

It’s unfortunate, but true: disaster scammers are out there. Still, you can defend yourself against those ready to take advantage of compassionate hearts and make a few bucks for themselves. Beyond sticking with well-known charities like the Red Cross, Salvation Army, and United Way, you can also find vetted charity efforts through the IRS’s search feature. There are certainly unlisted yet still legitimate options, including Undies for Everyone, which is taking new underwear as well as monetary donations to buy underwear wholesale.

Wherever you choose to support, take the usual precautions. Avoid giving personal information to anyone soliciting donations. Use a check or credit card rather than handing over untraceable cash. You can also report suspected phishing attempts to the IRS here.

Ask your human resources department if your company is matching employee donations. You may even be able to donate the monetary value of sick leave.

In addition to donating food, money, and other items through such charities, you may wish to roll up your sleeves and volunteer your time.


The bottom line

Hurricane Harvey is going down as one of the worst natural disasters in America’s history. In these situations, words always fall short, and yet we do want to say that our hearts are with victims and evacuees as well as their friends and families. We also send endless gratitude to the rescue workers and volunteers stepping up to provide lifesaving efforts and comfort.


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