Meet your client relationship manager: Michael Harder

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Meet your client relationship manager: Michael Harder

Meet your client relationship manager: Michael Harder 1002 1399 Alicia East

Like all of our Client Relationship Managers (CRMs), Michael is here for you.

MICHAEL HARDER: Client Relationship Manager

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Whether that’s relocating to Colorado before finding a job, revamping payroll tracking from a thousand separate sheets into one big master spreadsheet, or brewing his own beer, Michael is going to figure out how to do it. Day to day, he manages onboarding new hires, processing payroll, and invoicing. All while keeping a notoriously spotless desk, to boot.

On the evenings and weekends, things might get a little messy in his pursuit of the perfect homemade pasta noodle or smoked meat. You’ll have to go somewhere else for your favorite baked goods though. Looking for Michael? You’ll often find him outdoors —snowboarding in the winter or camping and hiking in the summer.

Something else: As a certified bbq judge through the Kansas City BBQ Society (KCBS), Micheal’s stamp of approval at your next neighborhood bbq carries a little extra weight.

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Connect with Michael or any of the CRMs here. Their name is true: They’re here for you!