Meet the Team

Meet Our New Compliance Specialist

Meet Our New Compliance Specialist 450 695 Alicia East

We are very happy to welcome Jamie Pavlunenko, our new Compliance Specialist, to the team! 

Jamie has owned her own Professional Branding and HR Consulting business for the last decade with a prior history in HR leadership roles. She leverages a strong attention to detail to guide businesses in crafting policies and programs that comply with local, state, and federal regulations. Additionally, she utilizes robust written and verbal communication skills to deliver HR-related communications that are clear, concise, and understandable for all stakeholders. She is passionate about helping individuals and businesses reach their maximum potential. Jamie resides in Summerville, SC with her husband, two teenagers, and three dogs. She loves reading, camping, rodeo (she let her baby grow up to be a cowboy), and softball (with her travel-baller). She holds an MBA in Organizational Development and the Certified Professional Resume Writer credential.

Something else: Jamie is a violinist and volunteer for a local coonhound rescue!

Meet Our CEO, Todd Keener

Meet Our CEO, Todd Keener 299 332 Alicia East

First things first: Happy retirement to PayReel’s founder and longtime CEO, Heidi McLean! While Heidi will continue supporting the company through its transition period, we are proud to announce that Todd Keener has stepped in to fill the role.

In combination with his previous experience, Todd’s 5-year tenure as COO at PayReel, and 5 years on PayReel’s board before that, have prepared him well. 

Todd is a self-proclaimed geek with proven business acumen. He began his career by launching one of Colorado’s first internet service providers in 1993, growing it to one of the largest in the country, and ultimately selling it to publicly-traded RMI.

Todd’s diverse background has given him experience combining technology with leadership to meet the ever-evolving demands of today’s business world and he’s used his love for business strategy to help grow several companies including Arrival Telecommunications, 3C, and American DataBank.

In his new role as CEO, Todd will be focused on continuing to stay ahead of the game in security and privacy (which is especially important in this industry) as well as meeting changing demands/regulations through software developments and enhancements.
We look forward to continuing to serve you!

About PayReel

PayReel was founded with one goal in mind: To make it easy for companies to work with independent contractors and freelancers. As the employer/agent of record, PayReel absorbs much of the risk associated with engaging contingent workers. PayReel also streamlines the process and provides paperless onboarding while handling worker classification, compliance issues, employee payments and year-end tax filing and reporting. In short, PayReel is the closest thing to having an easy button for contingent workforce management.

Introducing Our New VP of Technology: Mark Lindley

Introducing Our New VP of Technology: Mark Lindley 648 648 Alicia East

Overseeing all things tech is a big job for just about any company, and with the software that’s core to our business and the level of information that crosses our paths, PayReel is no exception. That’s why we’re so happy to welcome a long-time expert to our team!

Mark Lindley: VP of Technology 

Mark oversees the company’s communications, PC security, software engineering, and core application. Security is a top priority at PayReel and Mark is responsible for the firewalls, penetration tests, user education, and PC updates that keep clients safe.

Mark has a wealth of experience in security, telecommunications, software engineering, software development, and enterprise architecture. He has been in the industry long enough to remember when computers weren’t a part of daily life and has led multiple companies through the massive changes of the previous 3 decades. He has held leadership roles with companies like iLending, William M Mercer, Coopers and Lybrand, CIMCO Communications, and Comcast.

Mark’s background, in conjunction with his propensity for business, make him a good fit for his role at PayReel. He is used to adapting to changing times and he always considers the business value of the solutions he presents.

Just as he strives to find the best solutions in his work, Mark strives to improve himself in his personal areas of interest—such as golf and fitness. He loves hiking, running, fishing—anything that gets him outdoors—and he also enjoys cross-generational rock & roll and SciFi movies.

Something Else: It’d be a mistake to put Mark into a “tech guy” or any other type of box. His interests and background are diverse: He was a pole vaulter in college and even used to show dogs as a kid.

Michael - Payreel

Meet your client relationship manager: Michael Harder

Meet your client relationship manager: Michael Harder 1002 1399 Alicia East

Like all of our Client Relationship Managers (CRMs), Michael is here for you.

MICHAEL HARDER: Client Relationship Manager

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Whether that’s relocating to Colorado before finding a job, revamping payroll tracking from a thousand separate sheets into one big master spreadsheet, or brewing his own beer, Michael is going to figure out how to do it. Day to day, he manages onboarding new hires, processing payroll, and invoicing. All while keeping a notoriously spotless desk, to boot.

On the evenings and weekends, things might get a little messy in his pursuit of the perfect homemade pasta noodle or smoked meat. You’ll have to go somewhere else for your favorite baked goods though. Looking for Michael? You’ll often find him outdoors —snowboarding in the winter or camping and hiking in the summer.

Something else: As a certified bbq judge through the Kansas City BBQ Society (KCBS), Micheal’s stamp of approval at your next neighborhood bbq carries a little extra weight.

Looking for some help with your independent contractor payroll management?

Connect with Michael or any of the CRMs here. Their name is true: They’re here for you!

Photo of Liz - Payreel

Meet the team: Liz Kendrick

Meet the team: Liz Kendrick 1002 1399 Alicia East

We’re continuing our “meet the team” series with Liz, another wonderful Client Relationship Manager.

Here’s what makes Liz an extra special member of our team

Liz has never lived far from the mountains. She grew up in Aspen, Colorado and then ventured to the foothills for school at CU Boulder. There, she studied human resource management. The major points to another great passion in her life—helping people reach their goals. Her daily work with PayReel means Liz spends her days right in the midst of the mountains she loves and supporting clients through events, projects, and new roles.

Outside of work, she enjoys electronic dance music and spending time with her two big dogs—Pryva and Juna—both appropriately named after musicians.

Something else: Don’t be surprised if you see Liz standing around with a seemingly random group of people in a seemingly random place. Pokemon Go has a way of making funny situations for its players.

Give our client relationship team a call at 303-526-4900. Elizabeth or one of the other team members will help you find solutions for your worker classification or payroll challenges. Go ahead. Try us.


At PayReel, we minimize the time and effort it takes to get you ready for your project. Rely on PayReel to assume all of the risk associated with worker classification and get back to the business at hand. We make sure everyone gets paid quickly and easily and have Client Relationship Managers on call around the clock to answer your questions. All you have to do is call 303-526-4900 or email us. The PayReel team makes video production, live events, media, and entertainment payroll easier, faster, and seamless

CRM team - Payreel

Meet the Client Relationship Management Team

Meet the Client Relationship Management Team 2016 1512 Alicia East

Most likely to turn a problem into a solution

Today, we’re introducing you to our CRM team. If you come to us with a problem, this is the team most likely to stop at nothing to make sure you leave with a solution. Better yet, we’ll do our best to keep you from having any problems in the first place.

Meet our fearless leader:

Brittney Clark

Most likely to wear flip flops. Year-round. In Colorado.

Brittney has been with the company for a year and a half. She started as a Client Relationship Manager and is now leading the team of eight, making sure things get done correctly and on time. Fun fact: Brittney sews her twin 5-year-old daughters’ clothes and is particular about pens (RSVP brand in blue ink, thank you very much).

Meet our client relationship managers:

Our account managers take care of customer service, run payroll, and work directly with employees.

Sadie Black

Most likely to be a stand-up comedian.

Sadie is a problem solver among problem solvers. She’s a go-getter who thrives on fixing the “unfixable.” She’s outspoken, energetic, and the first one to brighten up Monday with a funny joke. 

Liz Kendrick

Most likely to climb all the 14ers in Colorado.

This girl has a document and a color code for everything. You could look at her files today and know how she does all processes and procedures. She grew up in Aspen and returns to the mountains every chance she gets. She has 3 big dogs that love the outdoors as much as she does and if she decides to conquer all 58 mountains over 14K feet in Colorado, you better believe she’ll have an organized system to accomplish the task. 

Michael Harder

Most likely to start a brewery.

Michael is a fun-loving, super friendly guy who just recently moved to Denver from Iowa. He’s a fast learner and an asset to the team. 

Elizabeth Lewis

Most likely to be in a choir.

This one is a gimme because Elizabeth is actually in her church choir. She also sings her way through workdays, lighting up the office with “Joy” by For King and Country. That seems about right for her happy, cheery personality. 

Michelle Bowersox

Most likely to talk to animals.

Michelle is our team encyclopedia. Who needs Google? If you need an answer, just find Michelle. She’s also the Mama Bear of the team and of her two dogs—Jack Daniel and Dakota—and a cat named Glitter.

Meet our Payroll Specialist and newest team member:

Phalla Holton

Most likely to become a chef.
Phalla’s mom’s side of the family is filled with chefs and cooks. Wouldn’t you like to go to that family reunion?  Phalla isn’t new to payroll, but she is new to the team so she’s in the middle or learning the processes and how she can best support.