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Why you should read this blog

Why you should read this blog

Why you should read this blog 150 150 PayReel

Let me begin by saying what this blog isn’t. It’s not a way for payroll professionals to stay up-to-date on pending legislation. It’s also not a thinly veiled attempt to sell you something. It’s not particularly well constructed or worthy of being plagiarized.

It is, on the other hand, a good read for busy people who recognize that talent is more frequently being packaged in the form of freelance contractors. This is talent that busy people must harness in order to keep their production projects on-schedule and on-quality. This is also talent that can be a bitch to manage.

This blog is an acknowledgment that we are living – and working – in interesting times. Many young people (anybody south of 30 IMHO) entering the workforce are not on their fathers’ career track and have different expectations of employers than their ancestors. In particular, they’re not looking for a cradle to grave relationship with a single company. They want to network, play the field, take a year off. But more on these millennials in a later post.

Given this paradigm shift on employment, the IRS, DOL, DHS, etc are scrambling to keep pace. Busy people making use of this re-packaged talent need to keep pace of them keeping pace.

And then there’s the specter of health care reform. What impact will it have on this emerging workforce? No one can say for certain, but if you read this blog I’ll make sure you stay informed and appropriately confused.

I promise to do my best to keep my posts short, informative, and maybe even humorous. Thanks for reading!


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