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Freelancers: This ain’t your father’s career track!

Freelancers: This ain’t your father’s career track!

Freelancers: This ain’t your father’s career track! 150 150 PayReel

I hear so much about changes in hiring practices … Fewer full-time positions, more project-oriented, “we’ll call you when we need you” jobs.  Funny thing is many young, culturally diverse people coming into the workforce don’t necessarily want to be anchored to a single employer.  They certainly aren’t looking for the 8-to-5, half-hour-lunch, 2-week- vacation gig their parents coveted.  These workers, in some circles referred to as “millennials,” are not looking to belong to one company, but to networks in which they can explore and thrive.

Boredom is the true enemy of the emerging workforce … and after a steady diet of MTV and Halo 3, employers have their work cut out for them to keep these expressive, gifted, and demanding people engaged.  The folks at Google sure seem to have it figured out (e.g. free meals, all the Xbox you can play, etc).  But those of us without Google-sized budgets will have to get even more creative.  Yes, the workforce *is* evolving, and those of us looking to harness the skills and creativity that come packaged as 20- and 30-somethings need to adapt.

Please recognize, though, that it’s not just an age thing.  Anyone living in Texas, California, and Arizona can attest to the existence and growth of the new “minority-majority.”  In the 1990s, corporate diversity programs were popular because they made sense from a social responsibility perspective.  Today, access to top talent (and the competitive advantage that comes with it) means your company’s culture has to support the complete assortment of A-Player packaging.

Just one last comment on the age thing … You may be wondering how long you can continue to ride those older, reliable baby boomers.  Well, consider this:  An AARP-sponsored study of 1,500 workers age 45 to 74 showed a whopping 69% plan to continue working, in some capacity, beyond their retirement age … some because they have to, but mostly because they want to.

I think that makes us lucky!


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