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The Problem With Ethics

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The Problem With Ethics

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If you had to choose, would you rather own and run a business with A) a partner who is hard-working, brilliant, innovative, and dishonest, or B) a struggling C-student that you’d trust with your life?

While you’re compiling your list of arguments in favor of the C-student, allow me to remind you that we’re talking about running a business here. I’m voting for the smart guy. Honest or not, we’re facing relentless competition and price pressure. Our customers expect a continuous flow of new products and improved service. Our shareholders were not amused with last quarter’s results.  And our kids just got into Yale.

You see, that’s the problem with ethics. They tend to get in the way. They make us stop and examine our motives. They’ve even caused us to turn down lucrative contracts that would have nailed our business plans for the year. Being all goody-two-shoes can wreak havoc on our short-term plans.

If only we had the luxury of focusing our attention on the long-term stability and reputation of our businesses. We could build development plans around our C-students and unleash the potential they bring to our enterprise.  We wouldn’t jump every time the phone rings after 6pm. Instead of getting in the way, our core values could actually light our way. Imagine this little business we’ve just started being around 50 years from now, thriving and holding fast to the ethics we chose to implant. And think of the money we’d save on private detectives!

I think I’d like to change my vote.

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