Do You Really Need Payroll Services?

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Do You Really Need Payroll Services?

Do You Really Need Payroll Services? 2560 1707 Alicia East

Time is money. And when you have a tendency to get buried under onboarding, vendor payment, classifying temporary employees, and other hiring details, time is priceless. Here’s a brief quiz to determine if hiring someone to handle your payroll services might be worth the investment.

Ten Questions to Help You Decide if You Need Payroll Services

  1. Do you regularly hire independent contractors and/or temporary employees?
  2. Is said hiring and onboarding one of the most time-consuming parts of your role?
  3. Do your payment processes or corporate legal concerns cause frustrating bottlenecks?
  4. Is your desk/desktop cluttered with binders, folders, and paperwork?
  5. Have you ever made a bad hire because of a time crunch?
  6. Do you get pulled into fighting payrolling fires more than once a quarter?
  7. Would a high level of service free you up to focus on other aspects of the business?
  8. Do concerns about compliance, worker classification, IRS audits, and workforce headcount keep you up at night?
  9. Have you ever lost favor with one of your best contractors by paying late?
  10. Do you have a reputation among contractors for paying late?

1-4 Yeses: Not everyone needs a service like PayReel. Startups and small businesses with smaller can often handle their own payroll. Still you may want to consider finding a payroll partner in the future and you can always give us a call just to talk through your challenges and see what solutions are out there.

5-8 Yeses: Hiring a payroll service would take a load off your plate and free you up for the parts of your business you do best. Give us a call to identify your biggest challenges and how a payroll service could address them.

8-10 Yeses: I think we need to talk. Today. Your blood pressure probably went up as you read the list above, you might be one of the businesses that does. For those who need quick/frequent access to qualified contractors or who want to take all the risk out of dealing with the independent workforce, PayReel is a headache free solution. PayReel’s independent workforce engagement solutions make classifying, onboarding, and paying your freelancers painless, paperless, and personalized. It’s about time.