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Meet The Team: Ethan Morse

Meet The Team: Ethan Morse

Meet The Team: Ethan Morse 450 940 Alicia East

Meet Ethan Morse–our market researcher.

Ethan’s background in computer science and his penchant for both programming and creative endeavors make him a natural fit for his role at PayReel. As a market researcher, Ethan identifies and reaches out to prospects who could benefit from PayReel’s services and software.

Previously, Ethan spent a decade as a sushi chef. He most enjoys making nigiri because of the level of excellence it requires. At one restaurant, he had to pass a test—making, plating, and serving the delicacy in front of his head chef. He stayed after hours practicing the form, which appealed to his desire to continue learning and improving. While the connection may not be intuitive, his current role requires similar skills—extreme attention to detail, organization, and patience.

While he considers himself an introvert, Ethan enjoys skateboarding, getting outside, and spending time with friends.

Something Else: Ethan is an avid reader and has three different books available at all times to suit his changing moods. At the moment, his reserve includes a classic novel, a book on economics, and a collection of short stories.