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Itching For Something New? These States Offer Relocation Incentives

Itching For Something New? These States Offer Relocation Incentives

Itching For Something New? These States Offer Relocation Incentives 2560 1920 Alicia East

Do you ever get a little antsy about your life and find yourself wanting to change careers, remodel your house, or even cut bangs? In certain ways, it’s getting easier than ever to scratch that itch by getting a change of scenery without having to establish a new career. Between the increase number of self-employed folks and those with traditional roles that have recently turned remote, people are working from home in record numbers! This study predicts that the trend will only continue, with almost a quarter of the American workforce working remotely within two years. While some enjoy the traditional office environment, this study shows that 60% of employees find an out-of-office work life aspirational. That, in combination with the 46% of workers looking to change jobs in the coming year means a lot of us might be spending some time daydreaming on Zillow. Some states are willing to put up some cash to get you to consider making their location home.

3 States That Will Pay You to Relocate

The requirements vary a bit from place to place and you’ll need to make sure you qualify. For example, you may need to bring your own remote job and stick around for a minimum amount of time. Their incentives range from straight up cash to housing assistance and even office space.  Whatever you’re looking for, there might be something here to help you with a new start.


If you’re ready to brave mud season and get a good dose of their famous Fall colors just heading out to the supermarket, consider Vermont. There, you could get a $7,500 grant if you’re selected for their relocation incentive program.


If you could use some Midwestern hospitality in your life, head over to Newton, Iowa, where you’ll get big-time support buying a home if you qualify for their housing initiative (rhubarb not included).


You’ll be blown away by Oklahoma’s incentives. Duncan offers $4,000 to new arrivals through its talent relocation initiative while Tulsa is luring folks with $10,000, free work desk space, and more with their Tulsa Remote program.

The Bottom Line

If you’re among the many folks looking for a change, you may as well consider the states that are incentivizing folks to bring their talents (and their remote incomes) to their locations.