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Introducing Our New VP of Technology: Mark Lindley

Introducing Our New VP of Technology: Mark Lindley

Introducing Our New VP of Technology: Mark Lindley 648 648 Alicia East

Overseeing all things tech is a big job for just about any company, and with the software that’s core to our business and the level of information that crosses our paths, PayReel is no exception. That’s why we’re so happy to welcome a long-time expert to our team!

Mark Lindley: VP of Technology 

Mark oversees the company’s communications, PC security, software engineering, and core application. Security is a top priority at PayReel and Mark is responsible for the firewalls, penetration tests, user education, and PC updates that keep clients safe.

Mark has a wealth of experience in security, telecommunications, software engineering, software development, and enterprise architecture. He has been in the industry long enough to remember when computers weren’t a part of daily life and has led multiple companies through the massive changes of the previous 3 decades. He has held leadership roles with companies like iLending, William M Mercer, Coopers and Lybrand, CIMCO Communications, and Comcast.

Mark’s background, in conjunction with his propensity for business, make him a good fit for his role at PayReel. He is used to adapting to changing times and he always considers the business value of the solutions he presents.

Just as he strives to find the best solutions in his work, Mark strives to improve himself in his personal areas of interest—such as golf and fitness. He loves hiking, running, fishing—anything that gets him outdoors—and he also enjoys cross-generational rock & roll and SciFi movies.

Something Else: It’d be a mistake to put Mark into a “tech guy” or any other type of box. His interests and background are diverse: He was a pole vaulter in college and even used to show dogs as a kid.