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In-Demand Skills You Can Learn Without College

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In-Demand Skills You Can Learn Without College

In-Demand Skills You Can Learn Without College 2560 1658 Alicia East

P.S. They pay well, too.

If you’re already freelancing, you may be looking to either improve the disciplines you already offer or to add to your skillset to make your total package that much more valuable to your clients. Businesses used to consider proficiency in Microsoft Word foundational, but recent years have seen the addition of basic SEO and WordPress proficiency to the list of foundational skills f0r many occupations. Businesses are also looking to keep their data safe from hackers, stand out on an increasingly-crowded information superhighway, and tell their story on diverse platforms that will reach their clients. While it may seem like a lot (too much?), it also means there is plenty of opportunity out there. Whether you’re freelancing or looking for full-time traditional employment, being proficient in these skills will make you ultra-hireable.

Here Are Four Skills To Enhance Your Resume

Network and Information Security

Just like the internet and the world itself, hackers and scammers are ever-evolving. Once upon a time, a thief might’ve stolen the cash out of your pocket, but with the ability to steal an entire identity, the stakes increased. And of course now, with battle being waged increasingly in the online sphere, the stakes are even higher. A hacker can blow up an individual’s life and shut down a hospital all in a day’s work. It is sobering to consider that it’s happened to Equifax, multiple government institutions, and Zoom. So yes, it can surely happen to (or through) you.

Businesses increasingly need more than a security officer at the front door. They need safeguards in place to protect the sensitive data on their computers. In addition to the technical firewalls and other fortifications to their systems, they’ll need to fortify where they’re most vulnerable. In many cases, that’s their people. User error is responsible for most security breaches and hackers are getting more and more subtle and skilled to outsmart very smart/savvy people.

All of that to say that becoming at least proficient in security is good for your own financial world and becoming a pro makes you invaluable to businesses. Being able to offer security advice to your clients or employer makes you that much more attractive. Whether or not you’re consulting as a security expert, just being savvy enough not to fall for a scam (like this one, which took a Shark Tank judge for nearly 400K) could save your job and reputation.

Udemy offers The Complete Cyber Security Course: Hackers Exposed, along with a boatload of other courses to solve nearly any business challenge. With cybercriminals making headlines, it’s no surprise that people who can combat this threat increase their desirability. Whether you’re primarily a writer, video producer, website developer, or designer, being able to offer clients additional peace of mind is priceless. Especially for small businesses, who may not have a team dedicated specifically to security, your expertise adds value and makes you an essential team member.

All Things Webby

WordPress: With new sites being added daily, the Internet is basically one big WordPress matrix. Even if it’s not their core business, content creators who can build, update, or fix WordPress sites will keep businesses from having to hire additional people. Saving clients money is one surefire way to get in their good graces. Many free courses will absolutely give you a return on your time invested.

SEO: The only thing as constant as change is change itself…and SEO. The clever behind-the-scenes glut of the right words may have worked in the Space Jam days, but it doesn’t get results anymore. SEO has gotten much more sophisticated and tough to crack. The real key is increasing traffic organically. Having the tools to have an intelligent conversation on the subject and being able to point clients toward solutions makes you extra valuable.

Sales Funnels/ List Building: Sales funnels are a key to converting all that organic traffic into action. If you already have some knowledge of landing page design and content strategy, ClickFunnels (or something similar) is a great way to take your skills to the next level.

Instagram API: There are a lot of ways to use Instagram’s APIfrom turning a website into a living museum to converting sales. Often, companies spend a lot of time creating and posting content but fail to convert views into action. Add knowledge of Instagram API to your resume and you can become a conversion superhero. Learn more at Consuming the Instagram API by LinkedIn Learning and Build a Photo Web App Using Instagram API (cape not included).


Businesses are always looking to tell their story. Anyone can convey information through bullet points and data, but not everyone can weave those facts and data into a compelling narrative. It’s famously Apple’s storytelling and skill at communicating their “why” that made their “Think Different” ads so effective. Storytelling is important in writing, videos, podcasting, social media, and more. Get the principles of story and you can apply it to just about any medium.

Bottom Line

How do you make a client or a potential employer want to hire you when they have endless options just a click away? One way is to go beyond solving the problems they know they have and solve the ones they haven’t even thought about yet. That’s when you become an advisor clients can’t live without rather than a cog in the wheel they can replace tomorrow.