An 11th hour gift guide for your favorite techie

An 11th hour gift guide for your favorite techie

An 11th hour gift guide for your favorite techie 150 150 Alicia East

From turntables to everyone’s favorite OG droid: Everything old is new again. We work with techies both inside and outside the office every day and these are some of the gifts causing a buzz in our corner of the world. They’re sure to excite the technophile in your life.

  • The most endearing Star Wars droid of all time is short in stature and words, but not on sass. We can’t tell you if the Droid Inventor Kit is a secret ploy to save money on manufacturing by having you “invent” it, but we can tell you that there will be some PJ-clad Star Wars fans (and maybe their kids) putting together their very own R2-D2s next week about this time. Order today (12/19) on Amazon Prime and select one-day shipping or on the manufacturer’s site here by 12/20 to get in time for Christmas!
  • Coffee lovers have been foiled by one nemesis since the beginning of time: a tepid cup of joe. Now, you can ensure you get the hot beverage experience you’re looking for over and over again—sans the microwave. Some, like this Ember Ceramic mug—deemed best invention of 2017—even let you customize to your own personal temperature liking.
  • Whether you’re going for the sleek and stylish bluetooth bamboo Bongo speakers or a retro turntable with an updated twist, this is the year of smart, stylish speaker systems.
  • Ask any millennial and you’ll hear the same thing: the Bullet Journal will change your life. Just like pen and paper, the journal has been around awhile, but judging by its fans’ enthusiasm, it ain’t going anywhere. The journal itself isn’t the revolution, it’s the system. It is…get this…made of paper. Paired with a favorite pen, this journal promises increase your productivity in no time. It’s enough to convince even a dedicated paperless fan to reconsider.
  • For the spendier than average and super tech-forward home, consider lighting that pretends you’re home when you’re not (compatible with Apple Home), refrigerators that’ll order you a six pack, and thermostats that learn your patterns and adjust accordingly. Get ready for smart everything…and for the conspiracy theories from your friend who can’t stop talking about big brother.
  • And if you just need a laugh and a break from the hectic season, check out Stephen Colbert’s fake, but totally awesome Goop-inspired line of total malarkey.

Whether it’s smart and sustainable technology or inventor kits that are just plain fun, this holiday season is all about going retro, but with a smart twist. Stock up on gifts for your favorite techie or for yourself. Go ahead, put it under the tree and say it’s from Santa. We won’t tell.


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