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Best Insurance For Temporary Employees? Prevention

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Best Insurance For Temporary Employees? Prevention

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When staffing special events or hiring freelance video crews for one-off projects, temporary workers are an incomparable asset. As a special breed, they also require special attention to everything from worker classification to the Affordable Care Act. Protecting these workers, who often spend extended time outdoors, requires a little extra forethought and attention, too. When it comes to keeping them safe, happy, and productive, the best insurance for temporary employees is accident and illness prevention.

July and August are some of the hottest months of the year in much of the U.S. By taking the following precautions against heat-related issues, businesses can lower safety risks and prevent fines and lawsuits, too:

  1. Provide water, rest, and shade: It’s easy to get into a project and forget about the time. Sometimes proactive measures like mandatory breaks with plenty of hydration will remind people to take care of themselves in the heat.
  2. Recognize the signs: Managers should be on high alert for symptoms of heat exhaustion. According to the Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration (OSHA), “Persons suffering from heat exhaustion might have cool, moist skin; sweat heavily; or complaint of headache, nausea or lightheadedness.”
  3. Know and respect workers’ rights: It’s not just about staying compliant with the letter of the law, but about understanding and staying true to the spirit behind it. Even if you can push temporary employees a little further to get the job done faster, it’s worth going above and beyond to provide a safe environment. OSHA offers free on-site consultation services to help diligent employers eliminate any problems upfront. Contact them at 1-800-321-OSHA for more information.
  4. Download the app: At different temperatures and conditions, different measures are appropriate. The U.S. Department of Labor makes it as easy as possible to monitor the heat index as well as it’s associated with its heat safety app. You can also schedule reminders for water breaks and more with a few taps.

Staying compliant with OSHA’s guidelines on Occupational Heat Exposure prevents workers from getting a heat-related illness. It also prevents them from missing work and you from getting fined. Keep everyone safe so neither you nor your employees end up paying the price.

Prevention is great, but actual insurance for temporary employees is still a must. You don’t need to spend hours translating all the legalese. We’ve already done it and know just what businesses need to do to stay compliant with insurance regulations. PayReel eliminates guesswork and frees you up to get you back to doing the creative work you love.  Click here to speak to us! 

About PayReel:

PayReel’s clients, who are some of the biggest companies in the world, are constantly immersed in the chaos of producing multimedia content or executing live events. PayReel makes sure they have the right contractors at the right time in the right place, and that everyone gets paid properly. And, most importantly, they handle every last detail—down to insurance for temporary employees—perfectly while making sure their clients think nothing of it, so they can get back to doing what they do best.