3 Reasons Payroll Is Like Parenting (Happy Mother’s Day)

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3 Reasons Payroll Is Like Parenting (Happy Mother’s Day)

3 Reasons Payroll Is Like Parenting (Happy Mother’s Day) 1520 700 PayReel

They keep endless details running smoothly, money moving to all the right places, and reports changing hands with the precision of Olympic relay racers. They’re the payroll team. And just like parents:

1. They have a ridiculous amount of responsibility.

Assigning tiny humans with the monikers they will carry with them from birth to the grave is a big responsibility. And naming them is just the beginning! Babies expect to be fed and kept alive to boot. From there, parents are tasked with ensuring children’s development into functioning members of society. It’s basically impossible.

A company’s payroll provider is equally important. What other group puts food on employees’ tables, keeps contractors happy and productive, and manages the details of the 401ks that silently grow into workers’ future security?

Where there’s a high level of responsibility, the stakes are high, too. So when something goes wrong, it seems to go really wrong. Which brings us to the fact that…

2. They only get attention when something goes wrong.

Whether a parent or a payroll employee, lack of appreciation is part of the gig. You’re unlikely to get a call from your child’s teacher congratulating you on managing to keep her fed, bathed, and functioning, but you’re sure to get one when she kicks her classmate during recess.

Likewise, the payroll department doesn’t get flooded with thank-you notes every time yet another round of checks arrives on time. But when a payment is late or the IRS comes knocking, the calls and emails are frequent and unforgiving (even if the mistake is tiny and the payroll team has single-handedly kept every contractor and employee paid for the last 11.5 months).

3. They make it all look effortless.

Seasoned parents can maneuver a toddler from a stroller into a car seat while simultaneously feeding two other kids, folding the stroller and packing it (along with 16 bags of groceries) into the trunk. They make it all seem like child’s play. But put the single auntie in charge and you’re lucky if the kids get fed and make it home with all of the pieces of clothing they had on when they left.

Likewise, payroll requires serious multitasking, and behind the quiet number crunching is some intense organizational talent. Timesheets aren’t especially flashy, but with highly customizable features, they are especially useful (unless you put someone inexperienced at the helm). That’s when you’re suddenly grateful for all the ways they make life better.


On this Mother’s Day, hug a mom. And a Payroll employee. They do more than you realize.


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