Three Reasons You Need to Get Comfortable With Change

Three Reasons You Need to Get Comfortable With Change - PayReel

Three Reasons You Need to Get Comfortable With Change

Three Reasons You Need to Get Comfortable With Change 750 500 PayReel

As an entrepreneur, you must either get comfortable with change or find a new career path.

Just as the once cutting-edge typewriter is now obsolete, every shiny piece of equipment in your office will soon be replaced by something sleeker, faster, and seemingly impossible to live without. Keeping up with evolving technology is just the beginning. Customer demands are ever-shifting and the onslaught of new information is nonstop.

You have to reinvent your business and yourself to stay ahead of the game. You have to change it. Despite your best efforts, there will be times you will barely be able to lay the tracks as you see the train coming. That’s all part of the journey. Even if you thrive in that sort of activity and buzz, there will be times it will seem too hard, too much, or too fast.

How you handle chaos can be a game-changer and is critical to maintaining credibility.

Embracing Change Creates Opportunity

Simply embracing the ride makes for a much more enjoyable trip on this entrepreneurial rollercoaster. Whether you resist it, grudgingly accept it as a fact of business, or embrace it wholeheartedly; change is a-comin’. Giving in to anxiety makes the uncertainty miserable. Seeing change as an opportunity to grow makes the same circumstances fun and exciting.

A Healthy Culture Starts with You

When companies cultivate an atmosphere of exploration, discovery, and innovation, employees feel free to make mistakes and “fail forward.” I can’t think of any industry that has the luxury of not needing to innovate.

You’re the Example

You alone are the leader of your company—not just in title, but in deed and thought, too. If you think it’s too hard to evolve with the times, how can you expect your team to do so? How can you build a culture that embraces change if you let yourself be overwhelmed by it? Just as kids look to their parents for cues on how to react to situations, employees look to company leadership to model behaviors, attitudes, and acceptable beliefs.

Welcome to entrepreneurship! If you’re not already comfortable with change, make yourself so. Your success depends on it.

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