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Six reasons PayReel projects are better projects

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Six reasons PayReel projects are better projects

Six reasons PayReel projects are better projects 560 315 Heidi McLean

Whether it’s a massive event or a one-camera shoot, when PayReel manages your projects, it’s the best for clients and workers alike. At PayReel, we’re devoted to making every single client and worker interaction a good one.


We make your life easy and your workers happy


1. We do it all.

Unlike the big guys, we handle events of any kind and any size, whether you’re payrolling thousands of workers or sending a one-person crew to film an NBA game.


2. We’re here. We even answer the phone.

Events don’t operate on a nine-to-five schedule and neither do we. We have an after-hours phone so we can be sure to provide speedy answers.


3. We’re paperless.

Not having to sift through piles of identical paperwork cluttering up your desk and your headspace makes the process quicker and easier for you and for your workers.


4. We offer speedy payment.

Workers submit timecards on Mondays and we pay them on Fridays. When they’re paid quickly, workers won’t be calling your office, which frees you up to do your job better. Of course, it also keeps workers happy so they are free to focus on your project and happy to come back for your next event.


5. We keep workers happy.

Speaking of keeping workers happy, the last thing you need once you’ve hired workers is to lose their loyalty on the back-end details. Whether they’re working for one day or for a month, we make sure workers get paid quickly and accurately so if you want to use them again, they’ll be ready to pick up the call.

As Michael, one of the freelancers PayReel pays, said, “Natalie ( on of our PayReel Customer Experience Manager) has been superb in addressing whatever problems I have had.”


6. We make event payroll as easy as 1, 2, 3, w-4.

By managing all the payment details, including the mountains of W-4s, we make event payroll a non-event.


The bottom line

You work with us because we make your life easier. Why not use us for all your events and workers? Not only does our team manage event payroll and payroll taxes; as the employer of record, we even take on all risk associated with a variable workforce. Think you might benefit from hiring a payroll service? Here’s a handy guide to find out more.


About PayReel

When it comes to event payroll, payroll taxes, and so much more, PayReel makes your life easier. Producing multimedia content and executing live events is chaotic. At PayReel, we make sure our clients are able to hire who they want, when they want and that everyone is paid properly. Leave all payroll services and details up to the PayReel team so you can focus on pulling off a flawless production. Contact us anytime at 303-526-4900 or by emailing us here.

Relax. We got it.