PayReel Execs Gain Insights, Lose Cash

PayReel Execs Gain Insights, Lose Cash

PayReel Execs Gain Insights, Lose Cash 150 150 PayReel

Sometimes it’s a good idea to get away from the office to recharge your batteries, to sharpen the axe, to network with colleagues, and to lose a few bucks in a casino. PayReel’s CEO and I managed to do just that last month in Las Vegas while attending an Executive Forum sponsored by Staffing Industry Analysts.  SIA has become an invaluable source of information and insights on the global contingent workforce marketplace.

The conference, held at the Red Rock Resort, was extremely well-attended by hundreds of staffing professionals from all four corners of the globe.  The SIA team flawlessly executed their 4-day agenda by providing a well-rounded mix of industry, strategic, and tactical topics.  I could have also used a primer on Blackjack betting strategy.  Alas, the best lessons in life are often expensive.

Here’s a brief recap of our top three takeaways from the conference:

1.       Things Really Are Looking Up!

Our economy’s jobless recovery has finally begun to create jobs.  That’s good news.  The other news is that job creation following “the great recession” is occurring at the slowest rate since the 1974/75 downturn.  Industries showing the best job growth are health care and manufacturing.  Construction jobs remain hard to come by.

2.       The World of Work is Changing

Technology is reinventing work.  It is changing where work happens, worker employment models, and the structure and dynamics of teams.

Moreover, since older workers are delaying retirement and fewer young workers are entering the labor force, companies now face the challenge of managing and motivating multi-generational workforces.  Most have found that HR policies aimed at baby boomers don’t necessarily translate to Gen X and Gen Y employees.

3.       Social Media Marketing is No Longer an Option

YouTube is now the world’s second most popular search engine.  If you didn’t know YouTube was even considered a search engine, you’re in good company … but don’t stay there.

Business to Consumer marketing is no stranger to social media.  But now B2B marketers are increasingly leveraging the power of social media.  If your business is absent from LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter you’ve put yourself at a disadvantage relative to your competition.

I’m really looking forward to the 2013 SIA Executive Forum.  I made several new friends during this year’s event.  And I promise to send you all the money I owe asap.  The threatening emails really aren’t necessary.

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