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Your Talent, Your Schedule, Our Payroll Solution

As your third-party Employer of Record, PayReel eliminates the corporate red tape of hiring new workers. You source and hire the workers you need. We manage the headcount, payrolling, and compliance for your freelance employees. PayReel’s customized process delivers prompt, effortless onboarding. We help you staff in time to complete your projects on time.

With PayReel you can:

  • Hire who you want, when you want
  • Automate approvals for accelerated start dates
  • Maintain your current internal headcount
  • Guarantee on time independent contractor pay
  • Rely on PayReel’s workers’ comp and extended insurance for all of your contractors
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Tap Into the Power of Tomorrow's Technology for Today’s Contractor Solutions

PayReel stays ahead of the technology curve to deliver access to the very latest innovations.

Our suite of digital solutions includes:

  • Connecting customers to the data they need 24/7
  • Full capability to integrate and work in conjunction with external systems and APIs
  • PayReel OnLine’s digital connectivity capabilities allow us to implement client programming needs
  • Client requested features that enhance efficiency and increase productivity
  • A full-time, 6-person development team on staff, ready to build and launch new technology whenever needed
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We Believe in Communication

PayReel’s White Glove customer care standards are second to none, and we intend to keep it that way. Our experienced industry specialists don’t just identify problems – we solve them.

Our customer service excellence means:

  • Our team answers the phone when you call
  • We are always ready with an answer to your question and solution to your problem
  • Client requests for tech developments and report creation are quickly and reliably fulfilled by our in-house team of developers
  • We have established client trust for long-term, customer partnerships
  • We’re everything your third-party payroll provider should be– attentive, flexible, and responsive
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Complete Compliance Management

PayReel’s compliance management services take the stress out of hiring freelance employees by meeting all Employer obligations at all jurisdictional levels.

Our compliance management services Include:

  • Diligent independent contractor classification process
  • Affordable Care Act
  • Sick Leave mandates
  • Workers’ Compensation regulations
  • Wage and Hour
  • Federal, state and local taxation
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Risk Mitigation is Smart Business

Risk mitigation is best managed by smart safety programs and insurance measures. PayReel’s robust insurance policies conform to meet large corporate and financial institution requirements and guarantee the highest level of protection for clients.

PayReel’s comprehensive policy packages include:

  • Workers’ Compensation
  • EPL
  • General Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Cyber and Drone Insurance
  • Auto, foreign and more
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Data Security that Keeps Our Clients Safe

At PayReel, nothing is more vital than client security. Our intricate security processes satisfy the rigorous scrutiny of clients’ internal procedures and elevate our system to the highest level of safety.

Security benefits at PayReel include:

  • HIPAA-based technology and operational security to protect your company’s and your workers’ information at the highest level
  • The ability to adapt to client security requirements and processes
  • Closed network and storage maintains and protects data integrity
  • Ongoing system testing to detect vulnerabilities, unauthorized access or malicious activity
  • Employee management and awareness of employers’ physical goods such as laptops and key cards to limit unnecessary access to company information by contractors

Contact PayReel today for your contingent workforce needs.

Contact PayReel today for your contingent workforce needs.

Contact PayReel today for your contingent workforce needs.