The gig economy is here to stay: Here’s what it means for businesses

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The gig economy is here to stay: Here’s what it means for businesses

The gig economy is here to stay: Here’s what it means for businesses 4256 2832 Alicia East

The gig economy now makes up 34% of the US workforce. Gone are the days when cubicles dominate workers’ worlds from 9 to 5 Mondays through Fridays. Independent contractors are more likely to do the bulk of their work from home or from Starbucks than from a cubicle or brick and mortar offices. Tax laws, employment laws, and freelance payroll are all evolving in response. Here are some of the main implications for businesses:


Smaller core staff

As independent contractors do more of the work for businesses, many companies are shifting towards smaller core staffs. While there are benefits to having workers under the same roof during the same hours, small businesses may benefit financially by being responsible for fewer full-time workers.


New legal considerations  

Freelance payroll is a different ballgame and one of its biggest considerations is worker classification. While it was once a fairly black and white issue, the subject grows more important and more challenging each day. This highly confusing topic also carries intense legal ramifications. The government is paying more attention than ever (see Uber and America’s pastime as prime examples) to making sure workers are classified correctly—and making someone pay when they aren’t.


The bottom line  

Subjects like payroll taxes, worker classification, and freelance payroll get more complicated by the day. Partners who help make sense of a tricky transition as big as this one are worth the investment. At PayReel, we manage all of the above and, as the employer of record, we even take on all risk associated with a variable workforce. Think you might benefit from hiring a payroll service? Here’s a handy guide to find out more.


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