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Check Out What We’re Up To (Spoiler: We’re Improving The Client Experience)

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Check Out What We’re Up To (Spoiler: We’re Improving The Client Experience)

Check Out What We’re Up To (Spoiler: We’re Improving The Client Experience) 2560 1707 Alicia East

We’ve improved our client experience so to simplify worker classification/compliance, onboarding workers, and obtaining more customized reports. PLUS, we have new updates around the corner.

Here’s How We’ve Been Working to Continually Improve Our Processes

Streamlining Compliance

Independent contractor payroll management can be complicated, but a good partner specializes in simplifying it. With California’s AB5 and the subsequent shockwaves it has sent through the industry, worker classification is on people’s minds for good reason. 

While it’s really hard to standardize some aspects of worker classification, we make the process consistent so clients are using the same rules across the board. Our AI-based software takes much of the subjectivity out of classifying workers by using a consistent set of measurable rules and parameters rather than someone’s opinion.

Another way we continue improving is refining our wording and processes every time we see an opportunity–a big focus for our team! As such, we’ve streamlined communications to reduce email traffic and updated our questionnaires for efficiency. In addition to reducing the turnaround time for onboarding workers, these changes give clients a solid leg to stand on if they ever have to justify their decisions in a court of law. We’ve also made it easier, quicker, and more efficient.

PayReel Online (PRO)/Software Development

Software development may not seem very glamorous until you realize how much time, money, and headache it can save! We’re continually improving operational efficiencies with PayReel Online (PRO) and with our Sick Leave Accrual Management application (SLAM). More states continue to add sick leave and FMLA compliance regulations into law and we’ve enhanced our proprietary tool to manage these rapid changes. No need to worry about the many new complexities these paid sick leave laws leave in their wake. That’s good news for clients who can rest assured we are staying up to speed with the laws. 

In addition to the above software development, we’ve also matrix-ed our system so it can “learn” clients’ system’s language with no human translation necessary. We developed an Application Programming Interface (API) that bridges the gap between client software and ours. This is extra special because it allows PayReel software to communicate with clients’ time-tracking (or any other kind of) software without any human intervention. That means clients can fulfill changing needs quickly without having to rewire/recode (i.e. without disruption). It also allows clients to intuitively connect people to critical information, forms, and reports, and skip maddening double data entry/typing. Sexy, right? 

Take a client with a self-developed proprietary system for time tracking, for example. When we plug their Enterprise Relationship Program into our API, it sends everything needed for a project or a job and updates all 32 necessary fields automatically. That allows us to forego manual data entry with absolutely zero human involvement required in the middle.

Increased Team Training

We really like solid software, but it’s still good people who make the world go around. We’ve instituted a weekly training for all of our Client Relationship Managers (CRMs). In addition to covering any legal changes, this training addresses internal practices to make the client experience as standardized and efficient as possible

The Reports Clients Asked For!

It’s true. We saved the best for last. Clients asked for more reports to provide insight into backend payroll information and we listened! CRMs now have the ability to offer many additional customized reports including project cost reports, invoice detail reports, and more–giving supervisors and managers better visibility to see where workers are in the process.