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Artificial Intelligence: The Month’s Top Headlines

Artificial Intelligence: The Month’s Top Headlines

Artificial Intelligence: The Month’s Top Headlines 2560 1920 Alicia East

There’s more to the AI conversation than the alarmist “It’s coming for your jobs” headlines. Fair warning: I did include one of those here, but there’s so much more to the story. Read on for a little intro for everything from the basics (i.e. what is it?) to the ethical concerns and how it’s affecting jobs, healthcare, and more.

AI in The News: Our Top Ten Picks

  1. Read this Washington Post article if you’re looking for an introduction to how AI works, the issues ethicists are wrestling with, and the companies leading the way in the recent AI boom.
  2. Read this Technology Review article if you’re looking for some positive news about how AI can be used to defend against Cybersecurity concerns.
  3. This Forbes article captures the alarmist “It’s Coming For Your Job” tone you’ve probably already seen. Be warned: it’s designed to make you feel a little unsettled about your future.
  4. But this one, also from Forbes, addresses AI’s limitations in hiring.
  5. This one, from the BBC, also approaches the topic with optimism, citing examples of people using the technology to advance their careers and creative processes.
  6. This article addresses AI from an investment standpoint.
  7. Read this one for news about “Apple’s Ambitions for AI.”
  8. The post addresses how AI affects Photoshop/Adobe.
  9. If you’re interested in how AI will affect healthcare, check out this post and this one.
  10. Read this for a taste of how lawmakers are thinking about addressing the legal concerns that come with this evolving technology.