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Contract work: It ain’t your father’s career track!

Contract work: It ain’t your father’s career track! 1000 750 PayReel

The workforce is evolving. There are fewer full-time positions and more project-oriented, “we’ll call you when we need you” jobs. Funny thing is many young, culturally diverse people coming into the workforce don’t necessarily want to be anchored to a single employer. They certainly aren’t looking for the stable but inflexible gigs their parents coveted. These workers, in some circles referred to as “millennials,” are not looking to belong to one company. They are looking for contract work – something that allows them to explore and thrive.

The changing landscape

Boredom is the true enemy of the emerging workforce who have spent a lifetime consuming quick-moving digital content. That means employers have their work cut out for them to keep these expressive, gifted, and demanding people engaged. Companies are responding with cereal rooms, napping pods, and mandatory time off / unlimited vacation (that’s Upworthy we’re talking about and yes, they’re hiring).

Why people choose contract work

Some people love the gig economy because they get to choose when and how to work. They can pick the jobs that appeal to them. They can decide whether to accept a job or hit the slopes. It has (at least in theory) restored the work / life balance that many millennials feel their parents’ generation lost.

Drawbacks of contract work

With all the benefits of contract work, it may seem like there isn’t really a place for brick and mortar offices and full-time positions anymore. And while their prominence in the workforce is decreasing, they still exist (and will for the foreseeable future). We still need them. For now. And besides, contract work still has its drawbacks, including less stability and fewer built-in benefits such as 401K matching, sick days, paid holidays, and healthcare. Having fewer workers on-site can also pose challenges for businesses because the office environment encourages team morale and facilitates communication, which in turn supports a unified brand identity. Being in one location also allows for in-person meetings and there simply isn’t an adequate substitute for that yet.

The bottom line

If you make your living job to job, PayReel’s real team of real people is here for you. We provide personal service to make sure employees get paid quickly and accurately. Go ahead, give us a shot!  You can call us anytime at 303.526.4900 or reach us by email at  We look forward to hearing from you.


About PayReel

At PayReel, we minimize the time and effort it takes to get you ready for your project, make sure you get paid quick and easy, and have customer service agents on call around the clock to answer your questions. The PayReel team makes event and corporate payroll easier, faster, and seamless.

The next time you work an event or a production, tell your supervisor you love working with the PayReel team!

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Four easy steps to improve client relations

Four easy steps to improve client relations 5379 3663 Heidi McLean

We all like compliments. What a nice shirt! Great job on that presentation! Those jeans make you look skinny! But what about complaints? Can we honestly say that we always appreciate this type of feedback? Maybe not. But the best thing we can do for client relations is to treat those complaints as the gift they are.


Follow these easy steps to improve client relations

  1. Consider the complaint a gift. In customer oriented organizations, complaints should be embraced with the same anticipation and curiosity as if received in a beautifully wrapped little box. Complaints are gifts because they are our clients’ way of offering us a second chance to get it right. When a customer doesn’t invest the time and energy to complain, you’re in deep trouble. You’ve probably lost the advantage of knowing your offer has fallen short of expectations before the problem impacts your bottom line.
  2. Make it easy for the customer to give this gift. Giving key accounts a single point of contact is a great strategy, but what happens when the SPOC you’ve provided is the source of the dissatisfaction? That’s why executive relationships are vital. Giving your clients the ability to pick up the phone and share concerns directly with your upper management is the business equivalent of being one of Santa’s LinkedIn connections. Direct line to the gift man.
  3. Respond quickly. Clients know you’re busy. Sometimes simply making their concern a top priority is enough to smooth any rough waters. People want to be heard…and preferably before they forget what they said.
  4. Thank the gift giver. When someone gives you a gift you should, of course, express gratitude. In order to do so with authenticity, you have to truly see the benefit and opportunity in the feedback. If you don’t see if that way, work on your mindset. The highest form of gratitude you can convey is to fix the problem. Once fixed, make a call and acknowledge the mistake as well as how you have fixed the problem.

Handle complaints well and my guess is that you will have effectively turned a complaint into a bonding agent that will strengthen your connection with the customer. And that’s a great gift!


About PayReel

Producing multimedia content and executing live events is chaotic. When it comes to event payroll, payroll taxes, and so much more, PayReel makes your life easier. We make sure our clients are able to hire who they want, when they want and see that everyone is paid properly. Leave all payroll services and details up to the PayReel team so you can focus on pulling off a flawless production. Contact us anytime at 303-526-4900 or email us.

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