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February 2014

Online Staffing for Media Production – Is eye contact a thing of the past?

Online Staffing for Media Production – Is eye contact a thing of the past? 500 401 PayReel

Last month, Staffing Industry Analysts reported that by 2020, online staffing could become a $46 billion per year niche. That’s right, $46 billion.


If SIA’s crystal ball is right, the use of online staffing platforms, where the buyer and worker navigate the entire recruiting process while never meeting in person, will grow more than 4,000 percent from 2012 to 2020.


Tools such as elance, oDesk or can make life easier for those seeking help with anything from customer service to copywriting.  But in the media production world, does the opportunity to fill a staffing need without ever having to pick up the phone outweigh the assurance we get from connecting with potential hires over a face-to-face conversation?


Can you find the best production talent without ever making eye contact and truly getting to know the candidate?


The answer depends on what is needed for the project.  Are you looking for someone to add their perspective, or simply to get the job done?  In our experience, the level of engagement you’ll need the worker to have in the overall project, regardless of title or job function, dictates whether or not to invest your limited time in the recruiting process.


But the beautiful thing is, you can have it both ways.  For straightforward needs where talent is readily available, click away.  If you plan to leverage the candidate’s creativity, are skeptical of online profiles, or are simply unsure as to what you’re looking for, consider enlisting the help of an industry-specific staffing firm who will add expertise and take much of the heavy lifting off of your plate.


Just remember, when it’s time to reveal your finished product, be confident and look ‘em in the eye.